Report launched on fifth anniversary of first ever metric infringement notice

On 6 January 2005, Essex butcher Dave Stephens marked the fifth anniversary of being the first British trader to receive a Trading Standards infringement notice for trading in pounds and ounces. The occasion was marked by visits by press and TV who were invited to Dave’s shop to hear how he had resisted 1,827 days of local authority pressure to convert to metric.

The occasion shared with the launch of the Customary Measures Society report: Weights and Measures; Britain’s Way Ahead. The CMS report is a full rebuttal of an earlier report by the UK Metric Association which called for the further outlawing of British measurements.

Derek Norman presents copies of the Report

The CMS report called for the following programme of reform:

  • Ending of criminal penalties for selling in lb/oz
  • Dual labelling of packaged foods and goods
  • Repeal of the 2010 ban on supplementary indications
  • The inclusion of UK units within the National Curriculum
  • Repeal of the requirement to use metric in official publications
  • A commitment by the government to retain miles and yards on road signs
  • An increase in the use of UK units in public areas, for instance, on public information signs, on swimming pool depth signs, etc

The report is available, price £4 including postage, from 66 Chippingfield, Harlow, Essex CM17 0DJ. Please make cheques payable to “Tony Bennett”. Enquiries 01279 635789